Piet Data Plates

Brass Data Plates for Pietenpols

updated with new plates and Brian Amato's contact info January 29, 2013

Here's my latest offering. It's a petite oval brass accent plate with acid etched "Air Camper" classic logo, already cut to finished oval shape and with 1/16" mounting holes prepunched. It's suitable for mounting on your firewall, passenger cockpit panel, or anywhere that it suits your fancy. Thanks to Gerry Holland, Pietenpoler from the UK, for the idea for these plates. And apologies to the Grega GN-1 Aircamper builders... these don't really suit your airplanes.

With continued thanks and apologies to those who have gone before me and have offered an aluminum data plate similar to the plates that I offer, here are my two renditions of "decorative" plates for the Pietenpol. These plates were professionally manufactured by Dennis Demeter of AvGrafix , who also did the outstanding graphics on Mike Cuy's Piet and who has made many different vinyl graphics for me... including the "Scout" logo on my own Piet.

As can be seen from this picture, the larger plates are offered in untrimmed rectangular shape, with the excess material to be trimmed away by the builder after using the excess to hold down the piece while engraving or stamping the data into the blanks provided. Mounting holes will also need to be drilled or punched at the marks. Both sizes of plates are shipped with protective plastic film still attached, so please remove the film before attempting to engrave or stamp data onto the larger plate.

I went down to the local hobby shop and found some small brass screws, washers, and nuts to mount my small brass plates to the cooling eyebrows on my Pietenpol, but there are many other sources for small screws and rivets to do the job.

My 2003 design brass plate shown with the original aluminum version. Although I don't make or sell the original aluminum plates, they are available for $8.50 each, from:

Brian Amato

59 High Lake Rd.

Traverse City, MI 49696

email, kwesting@aol.com

phone (231) 649-4787

The intent of the larger brass plate that I offer is to provide something to put in the passenger cockpit or other place that looks a bit more like the old-time hardware and that is more visible to the casual observer than the FAA-required aircraft data plate. This plate is NOT intended to replace the one required by FAA but is intended to give character to your airplane's cockpit. The plate is of brass but has a somewhat satin finish so no polishing is required. The plate can be installed in your aircraft or mounted on a decorative wood plaque as a hangar or desk ornament, or even used on your favorite child/grandchild's "Pedal Piet"! Cost for either small or large plates is $12 postpaid , or $30 postpaid for a set of one large data plate and two smaller accent plates and they are available directly from me, at-

Rogue Air Parts

4118 Hemlock Drive

Medford, Oregon 97504

email and PayPal: rogueairparts@flysquirrel.net

Free to anyone who gives me a ride in their Piet... just ask for one!

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