JN1 Projects


Revised January 14, 2008

This is a classic JN-1, constructed from plans designed by Jim Peris. This airplane is perhaps the only JN-1 flying in Spain, and maybe even in all of Europe. It belongs to Fernando Abon. His comments about the plans are that they are more of an outline than a step-by-step instruction manual, and he had to do quite a bit of head-scratching to get it built from the plans. He also said that it is a little slow in roll, due to the constant-chord rather deep wing (7" main spars, 4 ft. chord). The Barnard M-19 "Flying Squirrel" is based on the JN-1 and many similarities may be seen between the two designs. However, materials and methods used in the M-19 are more conventional aircraft, while the JN-1 uses basically "ultralight" construction.

Following are some "info pack" sheets from the JN-1 manual. I trust that Nancy Peris views this as advertising for Jim's plans and not a copyright infringement, as I strongly encourage anyone interested in the JN-1 to purchase a set of plans from her. The cost is very low and there is much to be learned from the plans. Included are some comments from Jim Peris as well as data sheet, 3-views, weight and balance, and a sample page from the manual:

Notice several important differences between the JN-1 and the M-19. Gross weight is listed as 600 lbs., which is 200 lbs. less than the M-19. Empty weight is listed as 320 lbs., which means it needs some work to get it into the 254 lb. ultralight category. Fuel capacity is 5 gallons. Wingspan is 6 ft. longer than the M-19, at 30 ft.

And here's a sample page from the manual. Note that this is considerably lighter construction than the M-19:

Here is another builder's JN-1 project, the victim of a hard landing, now in for a rebuild. It is immediately evident that this design was the basis for the M-19.

Here's another shot of the project and again, it looks just like the Flying Squirrel in configuration and geometry.

Here's a photo of an engine that is being considered for installation in the project above.

Another JN-1 project, this one pretty much standard according to Jim Peris' plans.

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